Episode 8

Published on:

26th May 2020

True Presence

True Presence: A Game Changing Soft Skill

The lack of true presence impacts those who need it the most. 

Question #1: How do I define true presence in a leader?

Key elements to the idea of a leader’s true presence:

·        True presence in a leader is a moment by moment experience. An experience that can never be fully replicated again.

·        True presence is a subjective experience that often begins with a conversation where the leader asks the right question.

·        True presence is the property of each individual. 

Definition of  true presence: AN INTENTIONAL WAY OF BEING by Dr Rosemary Parse

Question #2: What is the value of true presence in a leader’s life?

Considering the soft skill of true presence nudges us to consider:

•      Deeper, healthier relationships with those you work with or those you serve

•      True presence has a positive impact has on successful outcomes

•      On uncovering what really matters.

The value is not in what you do but the difference you make.

Question #3: What are some practical ways I can choose to embrace true presence? In other words what can I practice to put the human connection at the center of my work as a leader.

In the 1990’s Researchers identified five components of the concept of being intentional. We can use these components to put true presence into practice as “an intentional way of being”.

STEP ONE: You have a desire for an outcome

STEP TWO: You believe that what you are planning will lead to your desired

STEP THREE. You intend to perform the actions within your plan

STEP FOUR: You have the skill exists to perform the action. 

STEP FIVE: You actually perform that action and in that moment of awareness you discover true presence.


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As a soft skill specialist Niña takes monthly deep dives in her podcast series, The Art of Leadership, to explore the underlying dimensions of soft skills. She knows that soft skill development is not so much about WHAT but HOW a leader leads.
• From a 10,000 foot view a leader pursuing soft skills asks, “How do I problem solve; How do I manage time and energy?”
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