Episode 25

Published on:

29th Sep 2020

The Value of Positive Thinking

The Impact of Positive Thinking

As We Think, So We Lead

Soft skills make a difference in lives, but, too,  soft skills make a difference in the bottom line of your business. These skills are not just “nice to have” as I was once taught. They are a “need to have” if you wish to pursue success as a leader.

This is the 3rd week of hearing from 3 nursing professionals as they have shared ways during this pandemic that positive thinking as a leader has had an impact on their lives and their leadership decisions.

The story today really shines the light on the value added when a leader strategically uses positive thinking.   

#1: Ask the question. 

Amy identifies a question that allows her to pause and consider her choices. She thinks: “ How can I do this, I am having such a hard time?”

We have to face reality before we can change reality.

Identifying this question is often the pivot point of choosing a mind-set towards the abundance of what is possible away from the poverty of everything that goes against us. 

#2: Address the question

Amy chooses to move towards positive thinking. 

Research indicates that, in most circumstances, positive thinking improves problem solving and decision making, leading us to be more flexible, more innovative, and creative, and also increasingly thorough and efficient (Journal of Consumer Psychology)

Positive thinking increases our decision-making ability

It is our decisions and not our circumstances have the greatest influence on our lives.

#3: Make a decision

Amy comes to a point where she is ready to make a decision. At this point she says “Now more than ever…” She has moved from asking a question to making a decision.

#4 Recognize the role positive thinking plays in decision making

Positive thinking is a strategic choice. It is One more tool you can use with intentionality in your Leadership thinking tool kit. Don’t let it fool you. It may seem simple but your choice to add positive thinking to your strategic leadership plan can be life changing.

You can reach me at www.Healthyleadership.online. If you have been considering a leadership coach, reach out for a free call so that we can talk about how I can help you in your growth as a leader. 

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The Art of Leadership focuses on soft skills... some of the hardest skills a leader will ever learn.
The Art of Leadership with Dr. Niña Ellison focuses on the soft skills of leadership, their value and the power of their influence. As a leader, if you are interested in moving from success to significance then balancing both hard and soft skills is essential!

Hard skills are demonstrated through technical expertise that results in clearly measured goals being reached. They are vital to the success of any initiative or program. On the other hand, soft skills emphasize the transformation of people. They highlight behavioral changes and making a difference in people’s lives.

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In 2019, after years of leading teams varying from international disaster relief and healthcare to the US Corporate world, Niña founded Healthy Leadership to focus on her passion for partnering with leaders in their growth and sustainability. Her own journey into soft skill development has convinced her that while her technical skills helped her get her foot in the door, her soft skills moved the influence of her leadership from success to significance.

As a soft skill specialist Niña takes monthly deep dives in her podcast series, The Art of Leadership, to explore the underlying dimensions of soft skills. She knows that soft skill development is not so much about WHAT but HOW a leader leads.
• From a 10,000 foot view a leader pursuing soft skills asks, “How do I problem solve; How do I manage time and energy?”
• From a 1,000-foot view that same leader, as they dig deeper into soft skills, begins asking questions like, “How do I listen; or How do gain self-control?”
• From Ground Zero the leader recognizes that there are underlying dimensions of soft skills as they ask, “How do I model respect for all; How do I sustain hope; How do I demonstrate appropriate love in the workplace; How do I maintain the right attitude?” How do I lead by serving?

Nina believes that behind every wildly effective and sustainable system and process are leaders and teams who have interwoven soft skills into every phase of their work.