Episode 49

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30th Sep 2021

The Big Deal about a Leader's Inner Circle

The big deal about inner circles:

Question One: What’s the big deal about inner circles?

Potential characteristics when a leader doesn’t have that inner circle:

  • Loneliness, feeling isolated and discouraged
  • A sense of carrying the bulk of the load in decision making
  • Increasing cynicism
  • Becoming more distrustful and unable to clearly identify a safe space for deep dialogue

Inner circles are made up of those whose character and dreams bring value to others rather than seeking to take from the group.

Who we choose to invite into our inner circle is critical for our leadership journey

Absence of an inner circle can be deal breaking for a leader looking to expand their horizons.

Question Two: Does a leader have control on who is in their inner circle?

Yes, it is the leader who must take the initiative to develop their experience of the inner circle.

Two steps to get started on building your inner group:

Step one:  Take time to think carefully and strategically about who you are looking for to engage in your

inner circle.

Step two: Be intentional in building meaningful relationships

Tip#1 :  don’t be in a hurry but when you see the potential for an inner circle member, go for it. 

Tip #2: Don’t buy into the myth that leaders are too busy to build meaningful relationships

Potential characteristics of leaders who connect within an inner circle:

1.   Character and integrity and mutual respect

2.   An ability to create a paradigm shift in those around them

a.   Not agreeing with everything to move on quickly and avoid deeper dialogue

b. Able to shift the direction of the conversation

3.   Willingness to travel the journey (both the good and bad)

4.   Readiness for fun

5.Competence with a track record of success

6.  Those who have a Purpose in life that makes a difference

Inner circles are effective if they are small in number but massive in value.


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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“Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.” —Wess Stafford | PassItOn.com

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