Episode 15

Published on:

14th Jul 2020

The Age of Personalization

The Age of Personalization

In leadership, the first person we learn lead is ourselves!

Four essential unique skills that have been validated within intentional personal growth by the work of Chris Robitschek, PhD and her colleagues are:

  1. Readiness for Change
  2. Using Resources
  3. Planfulness
  4. Intentional behavior.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a leader with a formal title, or an individual who is engaged in making a difference in the work you do today, you can have an impact within this shift towards the Age of Personalization through your own personal growth.

You can find Niña Ellison at www.healthyleadership.online.


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The Art of Leadership
Experienced leader, Niña Ellison, focuses on those seeking a fresh perspective into some of the hardest skills a leader will ever learn.
The Art of Leadership with Niña Ellison focuses on the soft skills of leadership, their value and the power of their influence. As a leader, if you are interested in moving from success to significance then balancing both hard and soft skills is essential! These seemingly opposing skills complement rather than compete with each other. Hard skills are demonstrated through technical expertise that results in clearly measured goals being reached. They are vital to the success of any initiative or program. On the other hand, soft skills emphasize the transformation of people more than the transaction of tasks. They highlight behavioral changes and making a difference in people’s lives. This podcast is for leaders who are seeking a fresh perspective into some of the hardest soft skills a leader will ever learn. You can connect with Nina at https://www.healthyleadership.online

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