Episode 9

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2nd Jun 2020

Serve first

Serve First: A Game Changing Soft Skill

Three potential outcomes of a leader learning to serve first:

1.      Those who serve first empower others to realize their potential. Having a leader that nurtures and inspires provides a safe environment for growth and development.

2.      Research continues to demonstrate that choosing to serve first has a positive impact not only in the way that teams flourish but also on how the companies or organization exceed expectations.

3.      Choosing to serve first has the potential for a positive influence on individuals, teams and beyond.. As organizations become healthier there is a positive impact within communities.  

The idea of serve first does not come naturally to everyone. But, the good news, is that it is a behavior that can be learned particularly as we see the benefits in our world today.

3 practical questions for you to consider if you desire to add this skill to your leadership soft skill toolkit.

First, ask yourself, “Who am I choosing to serve first?”

Second, ask yourself, “What outcomes do I see from those I serve?” 

Third, “What one way has my team flourished under the serve first model?”

Soft skills, like serve first, help clarify and refine your approach as you lead yourself and influence others.


Coming soon, Game Changing Soft Skills, a six week course taking you deeper into the soft skills that impact 85% of what makes you a successful leader. You can find me at www.healthyleadership.online. More to come.

Thanks to Ron Harvey. He can be reached [email protected]


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